Is Heresy funny?

Dan Connor, one of the guys in my dorm, decided to “exorcise the demon” that was the stress everyone is feeling before tomorrows exams start. Of course, others might attempt to do that by writing an encouraging letter or two, or giving people chocolates.
Not Dan….
Tonight at 10pm, Dan, and perennial prankster Jeff Keighly, organised an outdoor “Service”. As we gathered in anticipation, we instead met “Pope Danny C” and “Cardinal Keighly”, who read for us some poetry, before leading everyone in a rousing rendition of “What a friend we have in Jesus”
Is Heresy funny?
Working their musical magic.
Of course, this was impressive enough, but things had to be taken up that single notch further. This was achieved by gaffa taping 100 sparklers to a thin pole, which were then ceremoniously lit & hoisted in an “Ashera Pole” style.
Amusing? Yes.
Orthodox? Not quite.
Effective? Definately!
Hiding a light under a bushel
Dan lifts up his voice as our exam fears are ‘burnt away’…
It’s nice to be reminded that exams are just exams. Who ever really enjoys the process coming into them? Well as much as I don’t like the stress of failing, I have to say that I really appreciate the consolidation of this information in my head. The hope is that it will become life-knowledge, rather than just the means by which I past the tests over the next week. I could fail every exam & still consider it a worthy and worthwhile time!


6 thoughts on “Is Heresy funny?

  1. Nothing like humor for getting the brain to work better. All the best with the brian strain over the next week or two

  2. am i the only one who notice that the spelling of jeff’s (or Geoff’s) name changed from the last post to this one? i’m assuming we are talking about the same guy. maybe i need to get out more though.
    anyhoo, all the best for your exams dude.

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