Bad Ass?

Shady night
I don’t know. I think this might be the scariest I will ever look.


10 thoughts on “Bad Ass?

  1. Tim! Its been awhile since I’ve commented – just thought I’d see how you were doing. Still enjoying your posts & pix as always 🙂 Hope all is well far far away! Blessings –

  2. Dude, I am bummed, of course my Dad took the shot, that’s why I said that he did! He has a super dooper camera too you know

  3. Yet another reason why we keep you around Kristin!
    While you’re being so compmlimentary, you’ll always be the flavour on the month!

  4. Thats a side we haven’t seen at college 😉 Don’t stay out in the cold for too long – rumours might fly hehehe

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