treading the grain

I have had a busy weekend. Well, I haven’t done a great deal of stuff, but more than enough to keep me entertained.
Friday night was youth group. It was good times, because we have a bunch of Uni students on mission from Cedarville University in Ohio. They were just hanging out on the friday night & enjoying youth group as it came.
Saturday was a little bit of study, some final bits of sermon prep, and then a beer or two down at the pub with a mate. In the evening I headed over to my minister Darren’s house, where we hung out and chatted. I stayed the night there because I had to drive Darren to the 7:45am service, which means being there at about 7:20. Not my time of day.
After the first service, I managed to pile in 4 guys, all of my gear, a guitar & a major-sized keyboard into the PT-cruiser so that we could all head to the St. Columb’s church. The guys were Cedarvill dudes & they performed, Darren lead the service & I preached!
I hung at church for the afternoon, shot some hoops with the kids & then got the place ready for the evening service, which was going to be a dinner service of sorts. Certainly not traditional church.
The Cedarville people did a number of different performances then I got to preach again! Certainly a different beast! We were expecting maybe 60 people & got in excess of 100! The night went well.
Man, I am aware that this is a very dry post. For that I apologise, but I am feeling whacked after a big day with only an estimated 3 hours sleep last night (which I blame on a combination of nervousness, a foreign bed, Darren’s young daughter who wakes up at night, and the dodgy digestion of some lebanese “kibbi balls”).
Insread, you can enjoy a picture from tonight. This is actually me about 20 seconds before my sermon started. Thanks to everyone who rocked up! Oh, before I forget, a special thanks to N8 & Amy who travelled out from their home church, just to come & support me while I preached. Much love to you guys!


2 thoughts on “treading the grain

  1. Dude, your sermon rocked! It was such a great simple sermon that was excellent for people that hadn’t heard the gospel before and for people that had heard it many times before. You spoke so clearly too, so total job well done.
    Likewise I am wishing for some rest but duty calls…

  2. it was cool to get to your church finally, and hear you.
    what was that new book you kept referring to…. the bibel, or something like that?
    i think i’ve heard bill hybels talk about it before too.
    whatever it was, it was good to hear!!!

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