Your destiny lies with….

Well my destiny lay with a 12:01 viewing of Episode III at the Burwood cinemas. Jacqui (I told you, you’d get a mention) and I went in at about 10:40ish, so we could line up in hope of some good seats. Mike joined us soon after & Steve & Ben came in at about 11:40, when we had just been seated.
I wont go into the movie itself. I would definately say that it is worth the $ to see it. I don’t remember, but I don’t think I saw the first movie at the cinemas DANG!!! Now I realise how confusing this series can be! I should say that I don’t remember if I saw the fourth movie, but first to be made, at the cinemas, but I certainly remember seeing the other two. It is nice to have some kind of closure & be able to say that I made the last starwars movie into a big night.
In other news, I’m back into the world of photos, though I haven’t taken so many in the last little while.
Cameron & Benny C
Here is Cam & Benny C working their mojo for me!


2 thoughts on “Your destiny lies with….

  1. WOO HOO… She gets a mention.. so proud of you Tim…. Now the q’s is.. how many times can she get her name in the blogg hahahaha……
    It was an AWESOME night.. and glad we all went along..

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