Writing: my report on Haddon Robinson’s “Biblical Preaching”. A good book, worth a read for anyone who plans on speaking from the Bible.
Reading: “A short history of the Papacy in the Middle Ages” by Walter Ullmann, so I can write an essay on Gregory the Great. I’m also enjoying R.L. Stevensons “Kidnapped”. I usually only get to read a chapter now and then in the bathroom, or to get me ready for bed, but I am enjoying it lots. Heaps of Scottish language.
Hoping: I get enough work done tonight so that I can enjoy a day out with people from college tomorrow.
Listening: to “Party Started” by The Cat Empire. You have to love a band that utilises the recorder! Very funky indeed.
Sleeping: not enough. I had the youth group sleepover on Friday night. It was an awesome time, but I need more than three hours sleep!
Quoting: Henry Ward Beecher. He said:-
“A sermon should not be like a Chinese firecracker to be let off for the noise it makes. It is a hunters gun and at every discharve the deliverer should look to see his game fall”
Leaving: This blog now, so I can go & get ready for leading the service at church tonight. Should be fun.


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