I can’t begin to catch up on the last couple of weeks.
I have been away on mission for a week in Bathurst. It went really well, but was a lot of work!
The week before mssion saw me without proper internet access.
Now I am back & have been working at Vision Valley for a couple of days, now I have a day off to start some essays before I go back to the valley, then off to the Hunter Valley for a little R& with the fam.
Here is some pics to give you a little taste of things.

Walking over a bridge in Bathurst, I just loved the painted steel. The bridge is over 100 years old!

A girl going upside down on a ride at the Bathurst show. This is where I took most of my pics for the week.

Andrew is a bloke who I am at college & with whom I was on mission. He i also a top bloke!

A bunch of the kids from Kelso High had been doing a steet Circus, the result of which was a bunch of kids afterwards with freaky face paint!

The rides at night were also pretty cool!


5 thoughts on “Catchup

  1. Boy I was begining to worry….. I wondered where you had gone. Bu this post tells it all. MISSION!!! Say no more!
    Great to see the pic’s. The “break Dance” ride one made me do a double take as I looked at the legs hanging out of the ride..
    Nice pics good to see you back on line…

  2. nice to see that there’s a post-mission blog with some nice photos. even when i’m too busy to post on your site, i still like to know that i can catch up on tim’s world.
    love you, love your work!!!

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