Fast times at ridgemont High.

You know, people come to me & they say “Tim, you guys at Bible college take things too seriously, how do you guys unwind?”
That’s a good question!
Some people would guess that we sit around & discuss different Philosophical conundrums.
Others might guess that we go & do some kind of public service. helping old ladies across streets maybe?
A third guess might be that we play far too much of the game “Risk”. This one is quite possibly true.
No one guessed that we go looking for kids tricycles in bins & then jump them off our hallway stairs…

A good runup is essential. Your trim characteristics have to be spot on & you need to hit the ramp at the right speed!

Nice form in the air, good positioning in flight leads to a solid landing for Sparksy!


4 thoughts on “Fast times at ridgemont High.

  1. I love that you were able to get all of those shots of the jump. Cool, maybe slightly silly too, but it definitely made for good photos! đŸ™‚

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