Firstly, I am sick of my five photo format. I figure that most of the people who are really interested are going to get to see my slide show of my trip, so I think I am going to go the ‘random photo’ option & just put stuff up higgledy-piggledy. If nothing else, it will mean that I get to publish some Christmas/New Years stuff without having to get through Berlin, Budapest, Krakow, and Prague first.
Secondly, this gives me the time to tell of two crazy little occurrences in the last couple of days. Two days ago, I was looking through one of the touristy shops on the Royal Mile, looking for some souvenirs that I could bring home, when, like the “Sword of Damocles” a heavy iron sword dropped from on high, past my face & hitting my arm!
Thank God that it didn’t hit higher on my arm and break it, or even land on my head, where, at 5 or more kilos, I am sure it would have at least knocked me out. As it happened, all I got was a little scratch on my hand. The positive side of things is that I had the confirmation that my reflexes aren’t too bad after all, as I actually manage to flip my hand around & catch the sword before it hit the ground.
I think the owners of the shop were happy that I laughed it off before leaving, rather than making an issue of the potentially deadly decoration…
Last night I went out to see “House of Flying Daggers”, which to be honest, I don’t really recommend. Afterwards I headed out to a pub with Caroline & Chris (a Swede & a Liverpuddlian, then met up with Wes (a South African) before heading to another Pub. When the pub we were at closed at 3, I felt like doing something else, and somehow, half an hour later, Wes, Caroline & I were climbing up the Salisbury Crags in the pitch dark & screaming wind.
Edinburgh is lovely in the day & absolutely beautiful at night!
OK, well I didn’t get to bed till about 5 something, so I am a little tired now. I think it is time to retire back to bed.
Oh, and if anyone gets a chance, or if it is even still out in Australia, go and see “I Heart Huckabees”, which hast to be the best movie I have seen in a year!
On to the photos.

Caroline & my gingerbread house.

The Castle at Christmas time.

New Years Eve fireworks.


One thought on “Formatting

  1. dude,
    just wanted to let you know that, even though i’ve been real busy & haven’t left any comments, i’m still reading your site.
    looking forward to seeing you in a couple of weeks.

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