Lyon and the festival of light.

Ferris Wheel

Lighting up the city.

Too late for the kids…

Three peoples images “burned” into the phospherescent wall with light, then coloured in with blacklight!

How does one entertain one’s self on a train to Geneva?
Self-take photos in the bathroom of course!


4 thoughts on “Lyon and the festival of light.

  1. Tim! Your pix are way awesome!!! I love that one of the city lights – when are you going to publish your first book of photos?! I’ll buy 50 🙂
    Have a happy New Year!

  2. happy new year tim!
    as always, it is so inspiring to see these beautiful and intriguing places through your eyes, or perhaps it would be more precise to say lens! i especially love the macro shots- you capture something so small but it always seems to say so much.
    look after yourself, and thanks for the post card,

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