The games people play.

OK, I was going to play a game where I posted the following picture and then see if everyone could guess what it is of.

Well it is a fun game to play, but my problem is that I only have three days after this till I fly out to Venice, so I would end up wasting two posts instead of one as everyone tried to guess what my post was all about. I will just put out all out of your misery. That is probably except mum & maybe Granny who are most likely not going to be happy.
The pic is of my new tattoo. This time I swear it is going to be the last one!
here is a normalised pic of it. Now note, it is not going to end up this dark everywhere, but this is 5 minutes after the work was finished & it takes a little time to wash out.

Thanks go out to Charlotte at “Venus Flytrap Tattoo”, who is an awesome tattooist & an amazing artist.

Well there you go. So what are peoples thoughts?
Oh, and here is another pic that I really liked.


14 thoughts on “The games people play.

  1. Hello Tim, Andrew Reeves here. glad to see you are enjoying life over in the UK. Hope all is going well…
    You may have heard but Nat, Paul, Dee and myself have left the Valley in the last few months, unrelated. I am moving onto Crussaders as an OE working with Nate. Can’t wait. The new Ops manager is good and is bringing in change.
    Email me back to say hello, if you have time.

    Billy Connelly
    Now, I know you already have etched body art, but it is my favourite quote after someone has got a tattoo.
    BTW – sure your are stopping…. yeah right!
    Freaking cool tat dude.

  3. I have no reservations at all, I love it. On your lower backside Michaela? Do you mean your lower back, or do you plan to have one you can sit on?

  4. Oh, it was Kim that made the backside comment, Amy! See that back(side) Charlotte is working on in the last photo? That would be mine. πŸ™‚ I’ll post a photo of mine when I can, hopefully soon after I arrive home tomorrow…

  5. No.2, I don’t know about the tatt. I guess, as first mate, tatts are required so I can’t complain too much.
    What is it? I see a lion, I think a rabbit, some waves…?

  6. Very confusing business of the grey line, hard to work out who wrote what at first. Anyway, I’m looking forward to seeing your back Michaela. Mal, the waves are actually a lamb! You know, the lion and the lamb, and the bush is an olive branch.

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