36 hours in three days

I wish I could say that they last three days have been a haze, but I feel like I have lived every minute of them. Not in a “I was haveing so much fun, I feel like it was a really rewarding experience” kind of living, but a “I hurt & am tired, this job is a killer” kind of living.
Doing 12 hours a day really does appear to mean that I am either working, travelling too or from, eating, or sleeping. Still, I am three quarters of the way through my first 4 day stint & I am looking forward to my first 4 days off. I celebrate finishing by having to get up the next morning to set up a bank account, & then doing a shift at the Restaurant that night! Good times.
Thanks to everyone who has commented and those who wrote me emails. I will get back to you as soon as the work week is over.
P.S.: ALLISON: If you are referring to a book I have to a Upritchard, then you are spot on. If so, drop me a line @
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& let me know what you are up to.


2 thoughts on “36 hours in three days

  1. dude,
    that’s pretty full on. i know that i’ve found it a struggle coping with a job where you don’t have time just to keep your own life running. you forget how many little tasks you need to do each day to get by, until you can’t do them every day, and have to do a week’s worth of chores at once. what is it that we’re doing to make our lives so complicated?!?!?!?
    anyways, i hope you’re working those crazy hours with a smile on your face.

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