The image of a contented man

Well I have been a bit of a slacker with the posting over the last week. I was going to do something the other night, but I wanted to put up some pictures & I had no way of getting them from my computer to Michaela’s one (I don’t have internet access here yet). I bought some CD’s this morning, so it is all good.
No real order to the pics, just some visions of the fun stuff that I have done over the last little while.
I am playing around with Moveable type at the moment, so all of the pictures are pop-ups. Click to see a larger image.

Suspension bridge in “Turkey Run National Park” Indiana.

Canoeing on Sugar Creek. (Can anyone say “Coqui ripoff?”)

Reflective artwork in Chicago.

Trying out my new macro lens on a lovely flower in downtown Chicago.

Vinnie, one of Scott & Jenni’s two pooches.

Michaela, Heather, Jenni & Scott @ the “Route 66” bar in St Louis.
In other news, Edinburgh has been very… Scottish to me. Day one, lovely sunshine, warm weather, I felt like I was still in Sydney. That night, rain, and that is how it has been ever since. Mind you, I am not complaining. Sleep is better when it is done to rain, the air is cooler & afternoons spent reading are more comfortable.
I continue to look for a flat & some part time work. I have a bit of casual work lined up with Mic & My favourite Restaurant “Parrots” and I have my first shift on Friday night, but I would love to have about 20 hours a week of other stuff, to keep the bills payed.
Looking for a house is also coming along. There is an awesome place that looks onto the Bruntsfield links, but I have to wait till Friday to find out whether or not I have got that place. In the mean time, I have a room at Michaela’s flat.
Time to get back to work. I have a hectic schedule of sleep and reading to maintain today!


11 thoughts on “The image of a contented man

  1. tim, that picture of vinnie is just beautiful- all melting brown eyes, and so earnest!!! and the bug and flower… you have some serious talent here!!
    am very envious of the rainy afternoons spent reading!!!!
    glad to hear it’s all going so well!

  2. I’m still praying for your job and work situations, Tim. Keep praying and trust that the Lord will provide!
    I’m so jealous you’re in Edinburgh. 🙂

  3. Thanks for the update Tim. It all sounds so wonderful. If you run into JK Rowling say hi and congratulations from me.

  4. Let the record show, Amy, that I’ve actually seen her on the street – she lives in my neighborhood. Just after she had her last baby, she was shopping at Nippers, the baby clothes shop on the corner of the next street over from me.
    Ahhh yes, be impressed!

  5. Aren’t you the world traveler Tim! Great photos as always. I’ll be praying about your job situation and accomadations. How did I miss you talking about moving?

  6. Hi Tim, like evryone else congrats on the photos.
    Hope the house and job hunting go well for you. Still very dry and mild here at the moment although rain is predicted in the next few days… here”s hoping!!
    Love Roger

  7. good to see you put in a good word for us. Maybe we’ll have a few more aussies come and visit! Great pics. Thanks again for coming. We had a great time.
    T. Scott Schuerr

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